Features to Improve some things

I play on the Xbox version and I noticed that I cant go back to the main Menu, once I started playing with my life mage, without closing the game and open it back up. A simple option like “Back to Main Menu” would be great if a player wish to switch between saves without restarting the game for everytime he wants to play another save.

My second suggestion would be to be able to turn the player character on the tile he is standing on. This would make things like talking to NPCs much easier, because you cant talk to them if you are standing in them or they walk into you.

My third and last suggestion: A option to turn the Class perk system on and off. This would make testing team compositions and synergys, intended for tavern brawls, much easier. Because we wouldnt have to deal with all the effects that come from perks and we could judge more easily where the damage comes from and if it would made sense to use these creatures in a Tavern Brawl environment.