Features you miss from Siralim 2

I really miss the punishments and how you could pick and choose them to your liking. also really miss the alternate/oldschool sprites for creatures, those were much more rewarding than the colour swaps of singular creatures. also can’t find any of the castle shortcuts, they’re either gone or very well hidden.

What specific punishments do you miss? I looked through the list when I was designing Siralim 3 and decided that most of them could either be baked into the base game, or were otherwise not that interesting and could be implemented/solved in better ways, but maybe I missed some.

I miss disabling specific drops from happening, like artifacts or spell gems.

apart from disabling specific drops (which would also help with lag), I liked the idea of punishing my team in various ways and seeing if I could still survive in exchange for more resources. some are available per sigil but that’s not consistent or combined

  • no artifact traits was really challenging as every extra variable both the player and the enemy get works to the players advantage since enemies are randomized and players build coherently
  • poverty (card effects are ignored) - the more you play and find cards, the easier the game gets, I think it should be the opposite to challenge you more and more
  • drought & suffocation (no mana / hp regen) - now you play each realm as a coherent survival challenge and it’s more of a ‘can I survive another battle/finish the realm’, and you may even have to consider your path/positioning within the realm relative to the mobs (p.s. you should reduce the droprate of maps of farsight cause after 2-3 hours of gameplay you get at least one per realm or include an auto-use option. as of now it’s just annoying to use it manually for every single realm as its not really a choice)

Drought and Suffication both seem like the kind of things that would make great Sigil Traits.


  1. The smithery of the kingdom of Siralim is much better as in Nex.
    Why can’t my smith reroll artifacts that are found in realms ???

  2. Item World like in Disgaea
    It was a great idea in Siralim 2 - enemies were too weak, but the idea was great.
    Since Siralim 3 has enough own features I have no problem if dev team make homages to other great grinding games like Disgaea 5 etc.

  3. Cooking
    This was also a cool feature. Because of the many possibilites to influence the realm maybe cooking buffs aren’t necessary. However, I’d bee happy if a trimmed version would be implemented.

  4. Shopping
    This is must have imho. In the Siralim 2 shop you could always find some cool stuff. Hope this comes back

I think item worlds are yet to come, as there’s a thing called awakened artifacts. I liked shopping as well, though it was a bit OP for acquiring certain things. could just reload until desired items would show up as well.

Shopping was cool. But there has to be limits like all spell gems are unenchanted or so.