Feed back on the new false gods

So first off i love the new system with the guilds, the bonties as well as anointment but most of all the false gods they are a very intresting.

However a few people on the discord (as well as me) find them a bit to easy and a lot of them dont really have any thing unique about them they are just strong meat shields with no intresting mechanics i would even say some of the normal gods battles are harder (like friden god dam i hate that battle).

Ive been thinking of ways to give some of them some more pazazzzz as well as makeing them much more difficult but beatable.

So my idea for this one was to make it more like a true hydra as in you need to kill all the heads at once for it to actualy die.

I think you could do this by makeing the body immune to all damage and so at the end of the bodys turn it revives all killed heads. Or for an EXTRA challenge the heads revive at the end of every turn.

Also remove the rez limit for the heads

Mechanics are fine on this one but i would make it so you cant use turn manipulation to speed up the fight

Loid Prime:
Mechanics are fine on this one the only thing i would change to make it harder is prevent the other 5 body parts from dieing untill the head is gone.

Lost Construct:
This one i think of an exodia like boss where the body is the only creature alive at first with a SHIT tone of health and every x turns it revives a diffrent part of its self untill all peices are summoned in which it insta kills all your creatures and prevents revival.

Each body part could then have an % chance to intercept any damage to the body makeing it a management of body parts and the main body its self.

As for the other i have no ideas on them but i think these gods should be a lot more harder and have some unique battles since you can cancel them at any point and they are the end game grind.

But i would like to stress this has been an amazing update and every one apreciates your hard work.

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So it’s just the original fight but the false God has 5 parts not 6.

At the start of battle (after every trait has activated) it steals a random creature from your party.
You don’t get it back till after the fight is done. So you have to do a whole battle 5 v 6 against one of your own.

Imp Impington Reborn:
When Imp Impington Reborn is killed he respawns as a different false god.

Kinda just evil this one but definitely a challenge