Feedback - 8/14

I’ve been playing Animatus a lot using Woe, trying to find any bugs or the like, so am compiling some hopefully helpful info that is easy to implement. Finished the story mode with it successfully.

Animatus Trait Steal: This counts as a temporary trait. Spells and the like which prevent or delete temp traits will get rid of it. This should not happen for a 100 perk talent that removes it from another, as then two creatures lose a trait for a big investment.

Animatus Stat Steal: The stat steal is affected normally by on stat gain. This can range from creatures stealing portions of it, reducing it, or even eliminating it entirely. The same issue happens to the target who is drained (Was hilarious with the plague doctor who damages when stats are lost). It’s also slow and spammy. To make matters worse, the stat gain does not interact with anything despite being preventable, and no matter what your third creature loses half it’s stats. I would highly recommend this avoiding those mechanics, too.

Meat Bomb: This is literally Woe but 4x stronger. As much as I would like to exploit that and make my build 4x stronger, this needs a condition linked to maniacs or the like to offset that massive power gain. As is, it’s just a way better duplicate trait. I’d recommend it only firing if the creature dies from anything but an attack or spell.