Feedback from a Friend with no Siralim History

I have friend (let’s call him “Mike”) who never played Siralim 1 or 2. (Actually, I gave him a copy of Siralim 1 on release and he played for like 20 minutes and never came back to it.)

Mike recently finished the main plot of Siralim 3 and I wanted to convey what he told me about his experiences. (Sorry this is second hand, he isn’t big on Internet Forums)

– Mike really liked the intro/tutorial and the plot of Siralim 3. The lack of plot was an obstacle to him enjoying the original Siralim.

– Mike originally chose a Life mage because healing and creatures not dying seemed appealing. He had a frustrating experience with the life mage and almost quit the game around Realm 15.

– Mike restarted with a Nature mage, played a high-Speed team with Speed-related synergies (Like Bard Balladeer and Forest Priest). He had a great experience playing through the plot as a nature mage. (He for stuck for a bit on Realm 18, but that was before the recent change that shortened the fight a bit.)

– Mike is now starting the early end-game. Mike expressed concern about Sigil availability at the start of the end game. Sigils seem really cool, but you only get one of them. Additionally, as a less experienced Siralim player you are quite likely to fail your first Sigil, which feels bad since you can’t get more.

[[Personally, I (Noetherian) think Sigil drop rates are good overall, but something as simple as giving players 3 Sigils instead of one when they start the end-game might feel better.]]

– Mike expressed concerns about sorting. In particular, Breeding recipes aren’t sorted by Creature Race, which feels inconsistent given that Knowledge base and Summoning are sorted by race. Also, Mike found the spell gems list in the item interface to be confusing, since it is sorted by name and not class.

– Mike really liked the Library and used it a lot (much more than I use it). However, he indicated that it would be very helpful to have a way to see in town what items are available from each of the gods. (Mike want good at remembering which items/cores/spells went with which gods and it was tedius to wander around low-level zones just to figure out that Zonte actually didn’t have the spell gem that you were looking for.)

[[Side Note: Mike ended up with either Rank 2 or Rank 3 Favor with each of the gods as a result of playing through the main plot. I believe most gods he ended up at Rank 2 Favor. I assume this intended, but I wanted to supply a Data Point. For exanple, Mike ended up going through the main game without unlocking Nether Creatures.]

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback!

to add to this, I find the curve of progress through the normal game vs the normal speed of unlocking god favours rather unfortunate, as they contain major features but non-hardcore players won’t ever see them (or even know they exist). I think it would do the game good if normal players got to see more of what the game has to offer as they won’t blindly grind for emblems without knowing the payoff.

my memory might be foggy but that seemed better balanced in S1 & S2