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Hi, siralim’s great but feels a bit Spartan & empty at times…

It feels like I’m building up to something… But what is that?

…the game has so much potential, I’ve built me toon to lv80➕ slowly, gathered heaps of stuff, made awesome artifacts, assembled a versatile team… Only to rinse & repeat…

I’m glad you started putting a series of boss battles in the sequel, I would’ve assumed this woulda been mandatory in part 1? (the sigils somewhat handle this, but there’s no storyline)

…i was expecting more functionality in the castle, …like invasions perhaps? (the npc’s in the war room would’ve reported seeing an approaching army, the critters in the stables coulda been doing home defence, etc)

…the dozens of expansion rooms, I guess are just things like gem temple upgrade 2,3,4 & so on?

I’m not saying all this to put s**t on siralim, I think it’s a breath of fresh air (I’m the one who rated it on the windows phone store) I just think there is soooo much that can be done to this, I’ll be pestering you for months yet, bro’

Btw, that’s me also at the gmc site
Have a great Christmas & never let anyone challenge your sovereignty :wink:

Ps: …that secret passage in the war room… Where does it go? …it just seems to lead to a dead end?

There are dozens of things that could have been added to Siralim, but it all boils down to whether or not a certain game mechanic really makes sense and fits in seamlessly with everything else. For example, we originally considered some sort of invasion system, but what would that actually add to the game that isn’t already there? It would still be just a bunch of battles, so it would require a unique reward to make it feel special. But what could that reward be? At that point, we’d be adding items to the game just for the sake of adding them.

Well there ya go, you lot even had the same idea…

It’s about having new things to find, opening new areas of gameplay

  • prisoner interrogation, converts, new lands, etc

Siralim’s great, I won’t detract from that, but its a sandbox as-is, which costs twice as much as other games in store, think about that…
People already say coliseum is boring, I found that also… All it needs is crowd feedback in-between matches & perhaps growing a fanbase, and yer already on your way to variety & something to break up the monotony…

Visiting dignitaries could’ve been entertained in a banquet hall, etc
Citizens with silly problems could’ve been encountered every so often back at base (perhaps in an audience hall?) which could inject some humour & variety also…

…tell me, it’s not just all about battling mobs, is it? :wink:

All I need to know is if siralim 1 can be expanded… If not I’ll just stfu & see what part 2 offers,

To directly answer your question, we’re done developing Siralim 1. There’s one more patch coming and that will be the end of it aside from any bug fixes that are needed.

Although I’m not sure I agree that this game costs 2x as much as others… $9.99 is pretty inexpensive for a game in general these days, let alone for one that has lasted some of our players over 500 hours so far.

Hear that, like I said, the game has great potential & I don’t regret payin’ $6 for it at all.
Indie developer ought to be supported, money ain’t the issue, customer satisfaction is, it’s like buying a birdhouse from k-mart, being somewhat pleased with it & noticing all sorts of areas to add all sorts of bells & whistles on it, that’s all.
You’ll either do that herself eventually or some Chinese outfit’ll beat ya to it…

…i’ll be looking for siralim2 in future, if you’ve developed the game so it can take content updates every now & then, I think we’d all end up satisfied.

Well, you keep on keepin’ on, I like what you’ve started…

Have a look through here:

We’ve been doing content updates for over a year :slight_smile: There will probably be some big post-release additions for Siralim 2 as well.

Siralim, a sandbox? What?

Also, it’s not more expensive than “other” sandbox games: Terraria, $9.99; Starbound, $14.99; Minecraft, €19.95.

I searched for “sandbox games” on Google and it seems that games in series like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row are considered sandbox games. That’s stupid, open-world != sandbox.

Edit. I accidentally had changed the post subject to “A,” it should be corrected, now.

Every single game is now labeled as “sandbox”, I’m not sure why and I’m not sure to understand what people mean with this word.

My opinion is that Siralim is a creature catching, team building and items collecting game. Is has no or light story, that’s true, though the latest sigil system has tried to introduce some nice background to creatures.

There are no goals to Siraim. Or to be more precise, the player has to invent its goals. You can try to collect every single creature core, summon each creature at least once, beat the deepest dungeon level you can, perform the longest daily realm streak. There are millions of things to do in the game.

And I don’t think it is expensive. Digital games on PC sell for at least $10 nowadays. It’s cheaper on mobile platforms though.

A sandbox is something little children play in, they usually build things out of the sand & roleplay things they don’t yet understand
There are no castles made there, the kid does that itself, it’s the sand & what you can do with all those little grains… That’s the appeal of the sandbox, the person gets to play God…

There are no goals to Siraim. Or to be more precise, the player has to invent its goals.
Exactly like that..

I see now you’ve managed to append the game as it went (thanks for the link) rather than having it in a single game exe, which is what I was curious about, because it allows the developer to keep adding more content… Which I guess you’re done with now…

…that’s fine, I’ve made games also and know there comes a time to move onto new things rather than expanding on an older thing, I’m just keen to do more things in the world of siralim…

…I’ll be hanging around for a while here yet

As for all that stuff on prices in the marketplace etc, siralim 1 as it is, for the $6 or $7 I paid, is ok to me, I won’t sugar coat things & say I’m thrilled with the purchase but maybe part 2 will thrill me?
…i know the potential is there

Yo back there, GTA and stuff ain’t sandbox, the dev put storyline & content in it,
Open-world, as you said (thumbs up)

*trolling like a boss since '76

We’re just going in circles now. Going to close this topic!