Feedback on 0.026 Damage and XP changes

There were significant changes to damage and XP mechanics in 0.026. After playing for a while with a saved game that it is playing through the Story, I wanted to provide some feedback. Obviously, these are just my personal opinions.

First, the XP changes are excellent. Prior to 0.026, leveling up a new creature really felt like a chore. In particular, it felt like the only reasonably efficient way to level up a new creature was to run realms with the auto-defeat enemy god-power (I forget what that item is called, maybe Heart of Darkness?). Now it feels like running higher level Realms is appropriately rewarding and new creatures reach a useful level in a reasonable amount of time. I really think the XP changes for low-level creatures were beneficial.

Second, I think the newest damage changes make one-shotting enemies a bit too common. Personally, I enjoyed the 0.023 era damage formula more than the current 0.026 era damage formula (One-shotting was possible in that iteration, but not particularly common). If you are gong to stay with something similar to 0.026, I would seriously consider either making Defense more powerful/impactful, or else just significantly increasing the health of everything in the game.

Love the xp changes, I never encountered the damage cap so I have no opinion on the diff.

Chiming in to say I really liked the damage formula pre-0.026 as compared to the current changes. I felt more like I could get an idea of roughly how much damage to expect from my creatures when they would attack, and could plan out my strategy; right now, I’m dealing with a lot of frustratingly inconsistent damage rolls that I have no idea how to explain.

Obviously, there are a huge number of factors affecting the damage formula in Siralim 3 (Artifacts, Traits, blah…), but I felt much less confused with the earlier system.