Feedback on game

I have to say first, I am really enjoying the game and the amount of customization available.

But the starter creatures are a disappointment. I’ve tried a couple and the first goal is to get rid of them as soon as possible, not to mention they are not unique at all. What would have been cool is if we got one of the God’s creatures they sell for emblems: Triabalist starts with an Eft for example.

I love the godspawns. I’ve gotten 8 so far, some super good, some interesting, but always cool.

I’m not really fond of the color palette choices. Most of them look… does anyone remember the first time we were able to change an old gameboy game to color? Forced and not quite right. Are we going to get more customization options later?

I like decorating my castle. I moved my stable to the biggest room at the bottom and placed my plushies 26 at last count, all around. It looks cool. What is the purpose of floor tiles, there was a pretty small limit to the amount it would let me use. Couldn’t even design a small room.

As I mentioned above, the customization options for equipment, spell gems, and traits is awesome. It’s different than the investment put in breeding, but the investment potential is just as great or more so in my opinion.

I did have a bug of some sort in a fight, they were imlers, I killed 4, but attack and spells started hitting 0 on the 2 left. It went forever, I had to close out of battle. Imler traits were something about indirect damage not hitting, but nothing would hit.

Siralim Ultimate is a great game, and it’s amazing how smooth it’s running in alpha.