Feedback on Recent Patches

I just wanted to say how happy I am in with the last few patches. (I was traveling and wasn’t able to patch for about two days and I came back and the new patches are incredible!)

In particular of the following changes are awesome:
– Detailed Creature Stat View
– Spells : Not just for damage anymore
(I really like the change to spells that adjust creature statistics)
– Sort Sigil by Level in Inventory
– The exclamation point when a creature Crits and “0” on Miss
(In particular, I think this adds a lot of clarity for new players)

Plus a number of other nice changes that matter less to me personally, but seem like good changes :->

Thanks Zack! Keep up the great work!

Yes, i think the developper is really reactive and answers most of players grip as soon as he can. I’m curious to see what will be done in a couple of weeks.

Thank you very much! It’s been really great to hear some of the suggestions you and many others have made so far.

I actually liked the view artifact trait lol

You can view that same information on your creature sheet anyway, so it was redundant to keep that option there.

Okay, I am shocked at how short the gap was between 0.1.0 and 0.2.0 …

… As much as I love these patches – And I really do! – it is possible that Zack needs to take a day or two for himself to avoid burning out!

Side Note: The ability to disenchant any property on an item would be a huge change. (In particular, it makes the Artifact merchant A LOT more valuable … prices at that merchant may need to change :-> )