Feedback on Sigil + consumable drop rate please :)

Anyone whos currently playing version 2.0.9 I was wondering if you could let me know how the drop rate is for the sigils and such are now. While I wait for apple to give us 2.0.9 I am actually looking forward to the nerfed rate. I am doing minors since im at like 274 and trying to use them but when I do 1, 2 more take its place lmao.

So im really hoping to hear sigils are nicely nerfed on the drop rate. Also how are the consumable drop rates also? Since I find those like candy and can’t seem to use them fast enough lol.

Both of those were reduced in 2.0.9, don’t sweat it man. I actually managed to delete two pages of minor sigils in my last spree of using them. As for Consumables, you’re never really intended to run out of those. Just get a Pocket Dumpling that’ll use one at the start of every battle and forget about them forever after.

lol yeah I know they were reduced ::slight_smile: … my question was for everyone currently playing 2.0.9 if they could say what the drop rate is like now. Also that pocket dumbling I really do need to buy… like now actually haha