Feedback Regarding "All Creatures Have X Spell" Traits

Basically, even when Generous and Spell Tap severely handicap a spell by giving them properties with potency reduced to as if they were level 1 (as I reported on steam), traits that make all allies start with a certain spell feel like a waste. Spell Tap even has the benefit over Generous in that, even if they still, similarly share only at level 1, they have all of their max charges that they’d have normally.

As opposed to that, creatures start with x spell traits only give a level 1 spell that has no special properties whatsoever. Sure, you can put them on units that can actually use the spell, as opposed to Spell Tap which can’t use it, but that still feels very weak compared to other spell sharing methods. Generous, Spell Tap and Creatures Start With X all have the weakness right now of being level 1, but generous and spell tap do at least give weakened versions of properties you choose. Generous has the benefit of being very easy to implement, and Spell Tap has the benefit of letting you share MANY spells. As opposed to that, creatures start with X seems bad to me unless you’re simply starting out and don’t have too many options. But this could just be me, so who knows.

Perhaps have creatures start with X spell traits have the spells not be level 1 versions and have certain set properties. I don’t know. Personally I still do also wish spells shared their full potency even if with less/1 charge/s, but I do understand if that’s unwanted due to balancing.