Feel like I have to start all over after 'unlocking' monsters.

I didn’t know about finding monsters in the wild after summoning them. Now, after playing over 40 hours, I’m pretty sure I’ve made my game about twice as hard as it was. I really wish there were a way to sacrifice the monsters I summoned out of curiosity so I wouldn’t have to fight them. I feel like the only thing I can do now is start all over. Additionally, I feel like certain realms are just better than others, and wish I had never constructed half of them.

-edit- At least give a warning BEFORE you summon rare monsters instead of just telling you afterwards.

I felt like part of the challenge was adjusting and optimizing your team for the more troublesome enemy combinations you’ll be facing as you progress - unlocking omnipotent deity for example is a gamechanger both for your own team building but also for enemy teams. Sometimes you just have to scrap your existing team for an entirely new and better one to move forward!

I know the how you feel.I play easy style on hardcore mode.
The game has a very steep learning curve.You do not however need to start over!
Simply stick to realm lvl 1 or 2.You need to build and configure you party for higher levels.
lvl 10 artifacts with enough atk to oneshot a foe.Nether creatures are a huge win!
My gameplay changed after I got a cpl of them.I’ve got a servant hunter that has 14k atk
He can kill 3 mobs on realm lvls 1-10 in 1shot!The lower realms are where you live and stay
until you get a good set up.Theres no shame in fighting realm lvl 1 until you build a infinite kill squad there are some posts on good inifnite kill squads.https://forums.thylacinestudios.com/t/1055 They touch base on paraslimes here.Life mage perks are best for survivability.
I perfer realms dungeon and sorcery myself they drop tickets and royalty potions.
I use these 5 spells with great effect on realm lvls 1-40 Snowstorm dmg to all and puts all the foes at the bottom of action que.Stasis sword dmg +stun 1 foe.Nightmareblade dmg +50mana regen.
Major rez rez with full hp.mass heal heal the whole party.
I control my tiers because I’m not smart enough to keep up with the nasties after tier 1 monster up grades.You can do it just means you have to build up a better kill squad on lvl 1-5realms for along time.The secret is go 1st 1 shot everything!