Fervor materials

Hi again, I have lots of things to say and ask today, as it seems …

I have noticed that materials “Gain fervor on/when hit” still refer to the fervor condition that has been replaced with the Multistrike buff. I believe those materials will confer Multistrike instead of fervor ?

I miss the fervor because it would give another turn where you could not only attack the same target but do something else. I’m not sure if there’s a way anymore to give a creature another turn after its current one.

Whoops, you’re right, that should say Multistrike.

Fervor will return as a special ability in the future. It was far too powerful as a buff/condition though.

That’s why I miss it !

I remember having faced a solo nether ghoul with fervor that has wiped my complete party without letting me act only once.