Few problems in itherian realms + some minor bugs + some thoughts

  1. sometimes breakable/activatable object brings menu instead, no way to bypass it and get an object. Nothing critical, though bad when it turns out to be emblem. Dunno if it can jinx a portal though
  2. first time ever for me in fridens realm key didnt spawn, triple checked all the map - big chest was there, but no key, broken all the breakables at the map

realms unrelated: getting cores from new creatures. Library stats you only need certain knowledge rank. Extraction interface says that both knowledge and having creature in the bestiary might be required. Think one of the sources need correction.

Talismans: somehow if you had a talisman of allready higher level, its locked on that, i have 101 lv gladiators bane, nothing critical here, though its not a round number and i cant increase/decrease it

Talismans: possibly a way to decrease its level? I suddenly realized i dont want lv 100 + grim dawn, im swimming in gems, i spend tons on granite on gems, i dont need their resources, at least not anytime soon. Unless maybe you ll add a property on it to also decrease gem grind cost idk maybe new power at rank 200? :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: or even better, just an option to turn it off, like we had with heart of darkness

Probably same with artifacts, maybe an option not to pick up non-itherian artifact
Alternative option - auto-grind gems/runes/salvage artifacts on entering castle, providing you have resources.
Since i allready have noticed having huge supply of gems/artifacts makes your looting lag like hell (at 1-2k of each instance, looting gems/artifacts can lag to 5-20 seconds, lag is gone on salvaging)

Minor stuff: remember we could have multiple fish/ice cream/ other cat food looted? well i still have tnose artifacts, cant discard em, nothing critical, but maybe later add an ability to throw them out if quests are marked as complete?

Minor suggestion: maybe add use em all on bottled fairies?

Minor suggestion: maybe make map of farsight also remove fog of war? or make it so that 1st use only revals the map, 2nd use in same realm remove fog of war? for me its still a bit easier to walk then to move a map since it takes about the same time. I mostly use map for spotting things like quicksand pools which are too hard to distinguish in realm. - at least for my eyes

Well and major: still if it will be possible, please add an option to summon multiple creatures at ones, for example to breed something i need to get 8 dread specters. so every time i scroll there etc. An option to summon one instance of each creature would be cool too. if possible. I mean i spent 4(!) hours today in castle just summoning and breeding. IT still takes too much time compared to subtle results :stuck_out_tongue: