Filter monsters by families in Breeding list, like in Summon and Stable ones


The Breeding menu doesn’t show monsters by families like the other menus in Summon, Library, Stable… Would be nice if it was.

I’m the only one who wants this ? It’s inconsistent with other lists, it’s bothering, don’t you think ?

I think it will be good too but i figured zack will get around to it in time.

I want multiple sort options, but I agree this is lower priority. Definitely would be a nice feature though.

Agreed, would be a convenient feature

I still hope to see this coming soon.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anywhere near enough room for more text than there is now. There’s already not enough room for a few creature names, and adding something like [Doom Fortress] in front of certain names would make the breeding interface completely unreadable.

Since the race(harpy, shade) are part of the name of the creature in most cases. Could that part be omitted when sorting by race in the breeding menu.


[Brownie] Captain
[Brownie] Trickster
[Devil] Twisted

I understand that having the family listed would not fit, but maybe there could be an option to sort by family, just without the names? So the Doom Fortress family is all together, but it just does not have [Doom Fortress]

I have the problem very frequently that I want to breed to find a whole family, but I am not sure what I still need. Putting them all together would be a HUGE help! Also I seem to have trouble remember exact names to look for them. I think an option to switch between “family mode” and “alphabetical” would be awesome.

Yes, it would already be a great improvement.

Is there a way that, in the options, we could have everything sorted by name alpha-numerically? I actually don’t like having to sort by family. I naturally look for the creature name first, so this sorting method throws me off sometimes.