Final Oblation doesn't one-shot realm lv1 enemies

Version: 0.7.0

I go into a lv1 realm and have the creature with Final Oblation provoke, it only deals 4-8 damage to each enemy. It has over 20k health with enemies having tens of defense. I expected the blast to kill them all. My other creatures attack for 70k damage (one-shot them)

If I go into a realm with lv 1.5k+ enemies and do the same thing the damage is still a minimal percentage (couple 1000 to each enemy). My creatures deal about 10x that with attacks.

Save attached

slot1.sav (512 KB)

Turns out the strangeness was because magma driver was doing 20% of enemy HP in damage.

Maybe have the wording mention that it deals damage based of current missing HP, not the missing HP after the creature died.