Final Siralim Update?

It’s very concerning that everything that you posted here: https: // Is false and you have not put the effort to make it true. So is there an ETA on the final update so people who love Siralim 1 enjoy everything the game has to offer? :slight_smile:

I apologize for bumping. But it has been a month with no contact? The Siralim 2 free expansion has been released for quite a while now and I’m just wondering when we’ll get the full content of Siralim 1? Do we have an ETA at all on this? If the events aren’t going to be annual at all can we get the update that you announced a couple of years ago?

It’s on the back burner (well, the “extra back” back burner) for now, unfortunately. I was actually preparing to release the patch a couple months ago, but found that a lot has changed on Steam, Apple, and Google’s end. It’s going to take a lot of testing to make sure the game still works correctly and that the patch won’t introduce new bugs. Regardless, the only new content that would be introduced is a sprite swap for overworld NPCs and the unlocking of 2 new creatures. I think I can actually enable the Steampowered Pilwiz on my end, but the Pumking will be a no-go for now. Sorry!