Finding a particular legendary material

Is there any way to seek out a particular legendary material? I really want to put Midnight Feast on my Brim Smith, but with about 300(?) different abilities, I doubt I’ll be finding that material anytime soon. Is there a better way than just crossing my fingers?

You can use cores from any Carnage-type creature to create a Minor Sigil of the Carnage. The reward for beating that sigil can sometimes be a Major Sigil belonging to the Fallen Carnage creature (which has Midnight Feast), which can drop its legendary material if you beat it. So your best bet is to save up as many Carnage cores as you can first.

Thanks for the quick answers, Zack. And great game, seriously. I haven’t been this sucked into a game in a long time.

Max out the transmuter through construction rituals. Also invest some royalty into better power spells, and treasure finding. This will increase your odds of obtaining legendary mats so you can transmute them into the ones you want.

As you go deeper in realm levels, getting a particular legendary mat you want through sigils is much faster. Even at realm L10, there’s a good chance the major sigil will drop its legendary. By L20, it’s almost guaranteed even without spending points in the major sigil skill. Since there are only 5 or 6 carnages, the odds aren’t that bad. And since you know you can create carnage minor sigils by using any type of carnage core, it’s a very direct way of doing it. Rerolling a particular material is about a 1 in 300 shot.

Thanks. Would I be right to assume that the chance of getting the legendary also improves with realm level? Is there a sweet spot, assuming I have Whoracle active?

It does. The sweet spot varies depending on how many points you’ve sunk into Major Sigils, obviously, but base is ~30.

So right now, with 5/20 in Major Sigils, I have a chance of about 35%, doubled to 70% with Whoracle? Not bad.

I’m trying to do the exact same thing, lol, but how do you create a minor sigil? Also do the rewards from that also scale with realm level? Thanks!

Go to your Cores menu, and if you have at least three of a specific monster’s Core, you can sacrifice a triplet of them to get a sigil that will always match that creature’s race (not species, though). And yes, sigil rewards scale with Ream Level, as well as the chance to get Legendary mats.