Finding Wight's???

Hey guys. Im trying to find some monsters from the Wight family for my team but Im not having any luck. I know Erebyss will give you one for some emblems but Im hoping emblems plus random breeding isnt the way I have to go. Ive finished the main story and am only 5-6 hours into the endgame. Any help is massively appreciated. Thanks!

If you are having trouble finding them try going deeper in levels. You’ll find more creatures in general that way.

Depending on what one you want however you may have to breed, as I think only 3 of them can be extracted naturally: Dread Wight, Roofstalker Wight, and the Gravebane Wight.

Thank you! Just knowing they are out there and I dont have to waste emblems makes me feel alot better.

Hi there, all wights can be extracted normally except the Itherian Wight (Frostbite Wight), event Wight (Headless Wight), and the Erebyss Shop wight (Reclusive Wight) - they just might require higher knowledge level to extract them. Here is a list of the normal extractable wights: Dread Wight, Gravebane Wight, Roofstalker Wight, Terror Wight, and Trepidation Wight.

The ones I listed are the ones that do not need knowledge to extract from.

I probably should’ve worded that a bit better to be honest.