Fire TV Controls

Just bought the Fire TV version for my living room only to discover that the Fire TV remote doesn’t work. The problem may be that the game defaults to a game controller, or the information claiming Fire TV remote compatibility may be in error. I have a Fire TV stick in case that’s relevant.


The game only works with a gamepad on the Fire TV. The information stating that it works with the Fire TV remote is indeed an error; Amazon are in charge of determining that information and I will send them an e-mail now to make sure the error is corrected. I’m really sorry for any confusion - if you would like a refund, I’d imagine they’d give you one considering this isn’t your fault.

That’s disappointing, is there some technical limitation as to why the game can’t also support the remote? The controls are very basic.

I didn’t create the engine used to build the game myself, so it’s a limitation with the engine. Since Fire TV is still fairly new, I’d imagine support for the remote will be added in the future, though.

I just sent an e-mail to the engine developers to see if they can add functionality for the Fire TV remote soon. I’ll let you know what they say.

That’s awesome Zack, thanks for doing that regardless of the outcome.