First Blacksmith Quest Disappeared

I had picked up the first blacksmith, but forgot about it while I was grinding out a few levels to beat floor 18, so I was slow handing the quest in. At some point the quest disappeared from my log book, the blacksmith doesn’t mention it anymore (although the quest is not complete–he still only makes the beginning three items), and I am still finding Iron Ingots. (I can click on them to pick them up, but nothing happens when I do.)

Any way to complete the quest now, or do I have to reroll?

If you’re finding iron ingots, you must still have the quest because otherwise they can’t spawn. Maybe you just un-tracked the quest?

Open the menu, go to “Quests”, then “Current Quests” and it should be listed on there. You can press E to track the quest again to keep it on your screen even while the menu is closed.

Yep, it had dropped off my UI and I had missed it in the quest log–this is what I what happens when I post in the middle of the night. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks!