First turn extraction causes Raven Acolyte ability text to display

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    Bug (display)

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    I have a Raven Acolyte in my party who is 2nd in turn order, after a Mite Interloper. If I use my mite to try and extract a core, the extraction success/failure message does not come up (or flashes briefly). Instead I get the “Everything’s Gone” message about cursing everyone to 65% health. Then the turn continues as normal.

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    If I make my Raven go first and use it to extract, this bug still happens. If the Raven goes second and I extract with it - no bug. So maybe it’s only if your first action is to extract?

Thanks for all the information, I’ll see what might be causing this to happen.

It may be a more general problem with the status bar either losing messages or not flushing them completely.

I was just able to consistently reproduce with a Mite Interloper + Carrion Swarm artifact. When the Mite steals successfully, I don’t see the Carrion Swarm message. But if the target survives I can tell it took the damage.

Anyway it appears to be cosmetic only. Thanks for the fast response and great support!