FIXED 😍 Can’t retrieve or swap favorite stable group, new creatures (iOS)


I tried out the Bloodmage spec and tried swapping back to my Siegemaster group. It hung up and also I was not able to manually add any creature from that group. It played the monster’s sound effect each time I tried, then froze. Kind of a bummer, especially as my unique Singerbread Man is also affected and I can’t resummon it. I can see all the creatures in the stable, just can’t add them.

I tried swapping specs as assigned creatures seemed to be swapped out at that point, but the original group did not return. Other specs DID show up with their accompanying creatures, only Siegemaster refused to retrieve that group.

Maybe because that was the group I was playing just before I updated?

Help appreciated :worried:

Update: saw this error message:

Trying to get texture from non-existing sprite

Update 2: Thanks for the fix!!!