[Fixed]Missing %

A picture.


Plasma bonus gain is intended to be an integer value since the amount of plasma you gain does not increase as you level up. You’ll still gain roughly the same amount at level 1 as you will at level 100, so this artifact property just adds some more to it.

Okay, the same item has displayed a percentage as well as just a number though. (in the current build) Sorry for being unclear as i meant to update the report then forgot.

I’m trying to figure out how to reproduce the issue. This picture was taken from the inventory.

Edit: Here’s a screenshot of the same item, in the same build after i had unequipped it and returned it to inventory (where i took the first screenshot).

I realize this is a minor issue :slight_smile: just posting everything i come across.


Ah, I see the problem. I’ll fix it for the next update.