FIXED Realm text overlays display during transition to enemy battle

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Whenever a battle is entered any text that was visible on the realm is carried over onto the black screen before the battle finishs loading. The text is also solid and ignores any fading that may have been occuring.

Examples include
Upon entering a realm what realm and number you are in
Quest notification in middle of screen when entering a realm
Resource collection numbers
Quests not completed in upper right
Quest completion notice in middle of screen
dialog box for mimic treasure chest (MAYBE) only tested once
Chest opening sound repeats for mimic chest if E is pressed repeatably before the battle starts
Buffs/debuffs in bottom left

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Linux using WINE

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The delay betwen enemy encounter and battle start has increased by about 0.5-0.75 seconds. The delay is during the time when the text is being displayed on a black screen.

In the case of the resource node collection I had two enemy encounters one after the other and the same text showed during both transitions

Thanks! Should be fixed in the hotfix I just released.