Floor 40 Battle Trait Bug

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    When fighting the boss on floor 40, obviously at first he takes away all traits and artifacts. In phase 2 at least one of my artifact traits is working, but others are clearly not. I am not sure if it is intended to give them all back, or none. Seems very odd to only have a few though. If I inspect my own creatures, it shows both traits for the ones that are working, and just the native trait for the others, even though they are holding artifacts with traits as well.

Actually, it was just pointed out to me that the 2 with traits from artifacts were both dead when phase 2 started, and were revived by the gods. The artifact traits that I still have seems less relevant than the revival process then.

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    I killed my own creature that was not having the artifact trait working, and then revived it. It still does not have it’s artifact trait. This seems something specific to the gods reviving things.

Found the problem, thanks a lot!