Fog of War enhancements

I noticed right away that Siralim has a great “Fog of War” mechanic, but at present, it seems underutilized. Even after revealing the map with a Pandemonium Token or a scroll, the shaded areas of the explored map remain.

A few ideas I had to enhance it:

[ul][li]After revealing every single tile in a given realm, % chance of a random “realm boss” encounter. This could be a generic, themed boss (i.e., a powerful Life Boss in the Life Realm) or maybe another kind of rare spawn
[/li][li]After revealing every single tile for X number of realms, receive a buff/bonus (+1%/realm creature max health for stamina while exploring?)[/li]
[li]After revealing every single tile in a given realm, % chance of a random treasure chest spawning

… and so on. :slight_smile:

Already, I’m glad you’ve joined the forum. What a great suggestion! I’m one of those who can’t help but explore all of the spaces, even if I know everything is cleared. It’s the completionist in me.

Some type of bonus battle, buff, or loot for doing it will make my time feel more worth spent; certainly adding value and additional enjoyment as a reward for taking the time to explore each realm rather than rush.

Interesting idea! I would like to hear ideas from everyone about what they think would be the most suitable reward for this. I already have plans to make exploration a new type of Duty (where you have to explore, say, 80% of the map to complete it), but I think it would be interesting to add a permanent reward for this as well.

Should it be experience points? A stacking buff of some kind? A treasure chest? An extra Royalty Point? I’m sure there are plenty of other options as well.

A treasure chest would be nice, but wouldn’t make it something to treasure. Lol.

I would go ham for a royalty point… but perhaps that’s wanting a lot?

I think a stacking buff would not only be a great incentive to encourage people to push further, but also make it a lot easier for lower leveled players to do so. That would drive people to go past those realms they fear and really challenge their skills. Although, it wouldn’t give any material reward itself, it could certainly add an increased quality of gameplay. Though this would mainly be nice for the early players, while it has the potential to be ridiculous for strong players making it to the crazy high realms… that’s my real concern with the progressive buffs… :\

Personally, experience points mean little to me aside from the benefits you get on character level up. Creature experience doesn’t boon enough to be worth any great reward. In my opinion, of course.

Perhaps there would be a small bonus that accumulates into gaining am item like the crown that let’s you move faster in the realms! I know there are a couple of people who would absolutely love that!

Perhaps aside from whatever bonus might be given, there could also be a special monster aquireable after a certain amount of map clears? Unknown to the player, of course. It’d be nice to just come home to the castle and talk to someone that suddenly gains you a cool creature, like what happens in other cases :wink:

Hurray! I’m glad you all like the idea! :smiley:

I am still quite the novice (level 35 at the moment) but the idea of a stackable buff appeals to me. Probably because it reminds me of doing runs in other games, like Laz runs in Diablo 1.