Food buffs for missing item types

After an attempt at mass breeding to fill out my bestiary I ran out of bottled fairies (only got to D) and realized what a pain gathering power balance is. Either a cooking buff for +chance to find bottled fairies or +power balance after battle would be nice. Or both. Even a punishment to reduce resources gained but maybe double or triple power balance would be nice.

I was also thinking a cooking buff for exalted emblems would be nice but not as necessary since they are a good resource sink.

While not disagreeing, i can tell you a way that helps, everytime you get back to the castle, visit the merchant at the top, and buy all the fairies he has. It’s both a resource sink and a way to get the much needed fairies.

I do however agree on a food buff for fairy finding.

Another quick way to farm balance btw, is doing level 1 sigils, they are easy and quick, and if you do hunting missions you will have enough of em.