Fortune teller tasks + some convenience things

1 Make an option not to show fortune teller tasks on screen.
2 Remove artifact realms from fortune teller completely/ After you are done with all your artifacts its just boring and long to do em, you expend 30 emblems and have to run through 20 floors of completely non rewarding content.
2.1 Add a punishment of nightmare artifact realms, that will start/scale like nether, and you can make em even better with hypersensitivity and strife on if you want. At the moment the content is not worth the effort apart from doing 6 artefacts ever (its really cheaper to disenchant trait from artefact if you want to do something else)
3. Make summoning creatures at the brazier not close the interface after each summon. Ever tried summoning 200 berserker fiends? open, list, choose, repeat. omfg
4. make an option not to hide your mobs assigned to stable groups from stable interface (i want to take a creature with me) and from breeding interface. since you can easly have 10 groups of 6 monsters for dedicated tasks (60 mobs for survey, 60 for sigils) the view gets messy. and for breeding its important too, Ofc you can tell if a creature is of any importance if it has the artifact equipped, but still.
5. Again maybe add a merchant to exchange resources. like 3 units of your resource for 1 unit of desired one (make it 3k for 1k, 30k for 10k and 300k for 100k, just 3 dialog lines and small script on one generic merhchant will make game better),
since on different stages of the game you use and have abundance of different resources. endgame i ALWAYS lack brimstone/granite since charms/god keys etc. and have a LOT of crystal (since used only to summon mob, 1.5k per mob, hatching is free with perk), and essence is only spend on transmuting gems. if you dont run 10 mage’s experiment missions every time you ll have tons of extra too
6. item sets. make an option to save/swap item sets for a group as a whole so you can easly swap farm/boss/sigil sets w/o getting over 6 mobs again opening and closing it all multiple times, especially bad on bosses since you swap in before fight and swap out immediately after not to have all autocast stuff slow you down)
7. stable and breeding. interface. its nuts to have different mob listings for summon/stable and for breeding. why? well i guess breeding is new mechanic and it was an oversight, a bad one though. Sorting that is used in brazier/stables is better.

Basically thats it. all good apart from those. The artifact realm stuff really killing the game though. as fortune teller sends you over there and the task will be on screen all the time. Its completely unwanted activity. Very bad stuff