Fortuneteller: Renegade mage on nether realm 0

I haven’t seen a renegade mage before, but I’m pretty sure I can’t get to nether realm 0 to complete my fortuneteller quest…

Fixed for the next patch, thanks!

I see renegade mages on nether realm 1+ now, but I can’t finish the quest since they aren’t in realm 0…

That’s why you got a golden ticket in the last patch :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh…what golden ticket?

look at your consumables inventory

I don’t have it…

That’s strange. Are you sure you have version 2.1.2?

Oh what the hell…looks like my Iphone believes the latest version is 2.1.1 despite asking for 2.1.2 update on the 15th…

I think it’s not available on Apple devices yet. Their review process always takes a long time.

That makes a lot of sense…urgh. false updates.

Anyway, you’ll get an item to refresh your current tasks, called a “Golden Ticket” when it’s finally released.

It’s released now! :slight_smile: