Forum Game : Guess a Trait that is NOT in the Game

With over 1000 Traits in the game, most things that you can think of are probably in there somewhere. The real challenge is to think of something that isn’t in the game!

Post your guesses below for Traits that you believe are NOT present in Siralim 3.

My best guess is:

“When an adjacent creature dies, it resurrects as a copy of the creature that killed it”

Hmm. I like this little challenge-idea thingy.

Maybe something like this?
“Overwhelm: This creature gives a random debuff, besides stun, to an enemy after attacking it. If an enemy has three or more debuffs, except for stun, on it after receivibg a debuff from this effect, that enemy loses all of its debuffs but takes damage equal to 50% of this creature’s Attack and Intelligence for each debuff removed.”

Maybe there’s something a bit similar but I doubt there’s something exactally or very much like it.

How about these three

Devour - Creature does not level up normally its level is */Stat average creature gains stats by killing enemies

Destiny Knot - Any Creature that attacks this creature is tied to it by destiny for three turns they share states (so if creature dies they all die)

Imperial Aura - Cannot be attacked by creatures with lower level then it


Cute - will not be attacked by creatures with higher level then it

Hmm I’m pretty confident in this one
Magical Adaption- Your creatures now gain stats from buffs based off their current stats rather than their base stats
Probably a bit of a cheat answer though