Forum Rules

  1. Keep things fun. It’s just a game. If you’re in a bad mood, please don’t take it out on us.

  2. There’s a big difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Complaining is never useful, but politely stating a problem and contributing a possible solution is always welcome.

  3. Harassment, insults, flaming, and trolling are not tolerated. We’re very strict about this one.

  4. No porn or other things that you wouldn’t want a 10-year-old kid or your grandparents to see. Swearing is fine in moderation.

  5. Don’t discuss save file editing or other forms of cheating. We’re all very proud of you for figuring out how to decode your save file, but too many people screw it up and it’s frustrating to be asked to fix save files that people broke.