Free Copy of Siralim 2

If you read this forum, you probably already have a copy of Siralim 2.

If not, please let me know. I would be happy to gift a few community members with copies.
(Steam friend request is helpful in this regard: Steam Profile Link)

All I ask in return is the following:

  1. If you like the game, please take the time to write a Steam review letting others know that the game is good. (You don’t have to write a wall of text, Short reviews can be effective)

  2. If you like the game, please tell a couple of friends/family about it.

Hello! I would like the copy of the game!

I would love a copy of this game!! My son and I loved the first! My Steam name is studiogremlin, if you have any left of course. I tried posting a link but it says i am not allowed to post an outside link.

I have purchased your game from Steam as I wanted to give you money for all your efforts. Don’t worry about a Free Key for me! Hats off to you my friend, you have created something truly special. Now im waiting for the IOS version for my ipad pro! Do you have an idea as to when that will be released? I know Apple has some hoops to jump through.


I’ve been holding out for the iOS version and am pretty excited to hear that it will be releasing soon! If there are any extra Steam codes left I’d be happy to make a great review to help out and tide me over till I can get my hands on the iPhone version.

Steam Nickname: NoEgress

i would like a copy too loved the first one tho still working non getting some of the trophys on psn but if you could gift me 2 on steam that would be nice would def love to play the sequel here is my steam account link for my profile steam name is treytrey119

Can I get a copy?

Thanks Mojotheclown813

In true shameless-mooching fashion, I’d like a copy if the offer’s still available.

EDIT: Steam name matches forum name (Xgamer4) and I did send you a friend request.

I would also be interested if the offer is still there

If this is still going it would be great. I have been watching my friends play this on steam and it looks great, i just cannot afford the game now. My steam name is house cat from down under.

I just started reading about the game and am certainly interested in giving it a try. If you are giving away codes for free if be interested. To make it fair, I’d plan on paying it forward if I find someone to recommend the game to.

Sedinger7 on steam if this is still available- thanks for starting the thread and for your generosity!

Hey, I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass, but but could you give us a heads-up if this is still going on or not? My pending steam friend request shows you online occasionally, but nothing seems to happen. And that’s fine… no worries there. I’ve just been considering gifting my brother the game on payday, but wanted to try it out myself first and didn’t have the money. Ah well, I’ve played enough of Siralim 1 to get a feel for it, so I’ll probably send the gift and just wait for the Android version and toss a bit of my credit towards it.

I’m going to say this is probably a closed deal, guys. This topic was created almost 3 months ago and I’m pretty sure he already distributed a number of keys.

Thanks to Noetherian for the very generous offer!

I’m going to close this topic to prevent any confusion.