[FREE EXPANSION] Siralim 3: "More Is Better" has been released!

I’m proud to announce the first major content expansion for Siralim 3: “More Is Better!” This free expansion adds some awesome new features to the game, but the main focus for this update is on adding… well, more things to the game.

The update is already available on all platforms, although mobile users might need to wait for an hour or so before it shows up on your app store. A list of features, as well as additional patch notes, can be found below.


NEW FEATURE: Classic Nether Bosses
You can now fight any of the 10 bosses from Siralim 2 at the Nether Crucible! Each boss can drop 1 of 3 legendary crafting materials for a total of 30 new materials/traits. To unlock these new bosses, you must defeat each of the original Nether Bosses at least once.

NEW FEATURE: Shady Dealer
You’ll have a chance to recruit a new character to your kingdom who is found randomly in realms after you complete the main storyline. He’s called the Shady Dealer, and you can purchase incredibly rare and exclusive items from him. The catch is, you won’t know what you’ve purchased until he’s already taken your resources…

NEW FEATURE: Cloth Abomination
After you acquire 50 unique Wardrobe Costumes, you’ll have a chance to recruit a new character to your kingdom who is found at random in realms. He’ll allow you to construct and upgrade a brand-new creature called the “Cloth Abomination” using your extra Cloth Scraps.

NEW FEATURE: Infinite God Shop/Favor Rewards
From now on, every time you gain a new Deified favor rank with a god, you’ll have a one-time opportunity to purchase a Tome from their shop. These Tomes can be used to grant a +1 base stat increase to the creature of your choice. This offer accumulates even if you don’t purchase the Tome - so if, for example, you reach Deified Rank 6 with a god, you’ll be able to purchase up to 5 Tomes from them.


  • Added 10 new talismans.
  • Added 8 new realm quests.
  • Added 4 new prophecies.
  • Added 55 new wardrobe costumes.
  • Added 68 new titles.
  • Added 22 new cards.
  • Added 339 new achievements.
  • Added 34 new accolades.

In addition, the following changes and fixes were made to the game:

  • ADD: When you complete a Realm Quest, you’ll now earn an Emblem if you’re in the highest realm depth you’ve ever visited. This change does not affect Itherian Realms.
  • ADD: You can now hold down the confirm button on the perks interface to quickly allocate points to the selected perk.
  • CHANGE: Chests that spawn in realms as extra rewards (ex: part of a realm quest) now have unique artwork to make them stand out from normal chests.
  • CHANGE: Touch controls have new graphics and should be much easier on the eyes.
  • CHANGE: Pandemonium King and Pandemonium Queen cards now have unique effects rather than normal Doom Fortress effects.
  • CHANGE: There are no longer any restrictions on battling tavern brawlers that you manually select via their IDs. You can use Nether Creatures, Avatars, banned creatures, etc. Note that tavern brawl rules still apply to your creatures, so for example, Nether Creatures will be stripped down to normal creatures.
  • CHANGE: Slightly increased the amount of favor required to gain Deified ranks with gods with each additional rank.
  • CHANGE: Several updates to library text to conform to the changes made in this patch.
  • FIX: Picking up the Golden Feather in Aeolian’s realm could cause your character to run through walls and get stuck.
  • FIX: It was possible to get stuck in the options menu on mobile devices under specific circumstances.
  • FIX: Crash if you tried to breed creatures too quickly with frame skipping enabled.
  • FIX: Recoded a lot of the cloud storage functionality to hopefully ensure it works correctly for everyone.
  • FIX: Added an extra safety check to ensure battles can’t lock up under rare circumstances, such as dying from Hebron’s bombs.
  • FIX: Crash when attempting to import a macro when nothing is stored on your clipboard. Note that this function still won’t work on all platforms yet because GameMaker is bad.
  • FIX: It was possible to skip the realm depth 9 boss entirely.
  • FIX: Some unique Cards provided additional effects. For example, the “Failed Experiment” card also counted as a normal “Slime” race card.
  • FIX: You can no longer release or sacrifice Saia.
  • FIX: Priming notification could appear at the same time and overlap other notifications such as Achievements or Knowledge.
  • FIX: Certain Achievement notifications could appear at the same time as Knowledge and Title notifications.
  • FIX: Display issue related to tavern brawler names when you specified an ID.
  • FIX: Occasional crash when challenging tavern brawlers.
  • FIX: “Dimensions” trait ignored class swap properties.
  • FIX: Sometimes, your save file could become corrupted when you exported it to the cloud.
  • FIX: “Quell” trait worked on all sources of damage; not just attacks.
  • FIX: Crash when viewing “Recent Achievements” if you hadn’t unlocked any achievements already.
  • FIX: Several dialog typos.
  • OPTIMIZATION: Huge performance improvements for certain Android devices.