Freeze on casting 'Mind Tricks'

I just froze on Realm Level 2. Inputs would do nothing, but the music continued playing.


Got it, thanks!

Just had the same thing happen to me. Mid battle “Vicious Wolpertinger casts Mind Tricks.” then nothing. Can’t continue with any inputs.

Currently running version 0.0.6

Same issue with spell called “chaos orbs”

Saw that you responded here, Zack, but wasn’t sure if you had patched this. I just had the game freeze again after an enemy Wolpertinger cast Mind Tricks - same soft freeze, no crash report.

This still happens ver. 0.0.8

This has happened to me twice now. I started playing today on Windows. Both times my Wolpertinger casts Mind Tricks and the game freezes.

Yes the problem is when the skill of the volpertinger chooses to cast the spell Mind Tricks after it dies, because this spell would require the vorpertinger to be alive for it to attack and gain invisibility after using it. Imagine the part about it having to attack is the problem though.

A realatively easy fix (I belive) would be to not make the vorpertinger trigger its skill if it dies to during the attack.

For what it’s worth I’m having this problem on 0.0.11 as well