Frequent crashing ret pally

I’m having frequent crashes playing the paladin and focusing on major retribution damage. It seems like when the battles drag on for a few turns, the game stops responding and crashes to desktop. This bug started as of 8/26 with the update. My team is really trait focused on retaliating and there’s a lot going on so it is hard to pinpoint but here are my traits:

Fracture, Ruby Attunement, Wings of Despair
Ever Upawrds, Sentinel
Fracture, Ravish, Pandemonium Brilliance
Thorns, Natures Blessing, Lust
Refraction, Memento Mori
Fight or Flight, Bloodline

Would you mind sending me your save file so I can try to trace what’s causing the problem? It’s in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\local\SiralimUltimate\save and ends in .sav.

If you could send it to that would be great, thanks!

It’s on the way now, thank you

My game just crashed again. I was in the azure dream fighting a reflection globe team of my own. The enemy Minotaur Earthsaker attacked my earthshaker and the game crashed trying to deal the retaliation damage.