Fridens trait "The Black" appears bugged

Fridens trait The Black states that enemies cannot ever be immune to blight, and yet it does NOT work vs the resistant nemesis affix. I believe this is a bug as enemies cannot ever be resistent to The Black.

I also believe that the Poison debuff should ALSO apply to resistent affixs teams due to the wording.

Im basing that off the fact that the Misery affix says you cannot gain buffs, but “gain” and “always have” arent the same thing. Misery prevents gaining buffs, but if a creature trait states it “always has” a buff then it STILL GETS THAT BUFF even vs Misery. Note that “start battle with X buff” on artifacts also allows you to have buffs vs Misery. This wording is consistent with stat boosts as well, as “having” higher stats (Exploitation) does not proc effects triggered from gaining stats (Blessing From Below).

If the wording is consistent, then The Black should ALSO cause the enemies to have Poison, since they arent “gaining” the debuff or being “afflicted” by the debuff, they “ALWAYS HAVE” the debuff. Just like creatures who “always have” a buff always have it, even vs the Nemesis affix that normally shuts it down.

This is a good fix imo as it actually allows for a Blight / Poison set up with Friden to get into CJ, whereas now most debuff centered builds are pretty lackluster (except PDC, but that can cast buffs to get around Resistent).

Id love your thoughts on this. This is the difference from Friden being pretty mehh vs a potentially fun God to build around

This is how it is intended to work. Whether or not that’s for the best is certainly up for debate, but I don’t plan to make any more balance changes to Siralim 3 at this point.

My apologies. Given the wording, i assumed this was a bug.