Frostfire Embodiment mechanics

Curious when exactly the attack buff is applied, as I recall Death’s Advance is calculated dynamically as the creature attacks.

So how would Frostfire Embodiment work with:

  1. Diabolic Onslaught
  2. Scroll of Giant’s Strength/Scroll of Enfeeble/Scroll of Mass Bloodlust
  3. Tipsy/Buzzed
  4. Sacrimony
  5. Whetted Fists


I’m pretty sure the attack value is calculated before any +damage values. And I believe that addition is done before multiplication in the game. But for something like Whetted Fists, it would probably take some testing. If you had 1000 base attack, were 5000hp down, and added 5000 attack… it may add 1500 or 250 attack the next round.