Frozen Spirit Bugs

  1. Bug

  2. Icy Tomb triggered on my Troll Arsonist from throwing a bomb, even though he hadn’t acted yet (and thus hadn’t attacked, defended, or provoked.) I’m guessing it’s triggering any time a creature does something, even if it’s just their ability going off? Also, the message is referring to the wrong creature being the source of the effect.

  3. Windows/Steam

  4. 2.0.22

Fixed for today’s upcoming patch, thanks!

Bringing this back up since I saw the Icy Tomb hit my Troll Arsonist again. It was after the Arsonist killed an enemy with the bomb and thus lost his turn, so I don’t know if it’s intended or not.

It is intended - it’ll happen at the end of every turn regardless of your action (attack, defend, provoke, do nothing) now.

Right-o, just making sure. Thanks!