frustration at scaling of costs

I’m getting very frustrated at costs ballooning as I level. I got some nice particles on my first Power quest by spending all my power, but that means I can’t summon the creature – the power costs for creating that creature are immense and keep going up. And now I’m on the nether egg creation quest, and it costs 60k power (at the moment…) to generate 15 eggs, which is going to take several dungeon levels, and who knows what the power costs will be then… All the ways of generating power that I have found also help level your character, which causes costs to balloon. I’m at the point where I actively want to avoid leveling, which is a perverse and terrible incentive to have.

Also I don’t feel I can try out different creatures because I know I’ll need to grind several dungeons just to get the power to summon one, which really ruins a large portion of the game. It feels like diffusing the particles should be the hard part, not gathering resources.

I’ve tried scouting higher-level dungeons, but those give you more xp as well as more resources, so I’m not sure that actually solves the problem. And getting 1 party wipout crushes your economy for a while anyway, so that seems like a dangerous line.

Which version are you playing? The cost of everything was balanced a few updates ago, and now when you die you don’t even lose resources. Also, are you keeping your power balance up pretty high? It directly affects how much power you gain in battle, so try to keep it as close to 200% as possible.

Most recent version. My power balance was hovering around 160% for most of the game. It’s at 130% now. The 30% hit for dying was the economic hitI was talking about. I don’t think it’s out of line, but in combination with the rising costs it’s a super pain.

Does power seem to be your biggest issue? Maybe the power cost to summon a creature should be decreased.

At first it was granite. I would spend a fair amount of time without being able to run rituals because I wouldn’t have enough granite to launch a new one, even with a +25% granite item. Now it’s power that’s short.
But if you lower the power cost then the crystal or the brimstone will be the issue.

I ran an entire L3 winter dungeon level to see what I’d get out of it. Started at 130% power level. It took me 25 minutes to completely explore it and clear all the monsters. I have a brim dwarf and a granite and crystal booster item, so my resource generation is decent even if I’m not at 200%

Here’s what I got:
22k Brimstone
23k Crystal
62k Essence
23k Granite
22k Power

So basically everything was 22k.

Now, to summon the Nightmare Golem from the particles I got, it costs:
20k Brimstone
60k Crystal
51k power

That’s 25 minutes’ worth of Brimstone, over an hour’s worth of Crystal and Power. That’s a hell of a lot of grinding for a basic effect that I would like to do multiple times over the course of a game. And the grinding itself won’t get me anywhere, since mere XP/leveling won’t help my characters get stronger vis-a-vis the enemy. If leveling were useful then the grind might not be so bad, but the only way to get an edge over the monsters seems to be to expend resources.

Thanks for the numbers! That’s actually really helpful to know. I’m going to kick around some math and ask some other people what they think and then decide how best to handle this. Right now, I’m thinking about increasing the amount of resources gained from destructible objects (like pots and crates), and making treasure chests have a higher chance to drop more resources. I also think the power cost for summoning new creatures should be decreased slightly since it’s already hard enough to get power to conduct rituals, cast power spells, and things like that.

Maybe you can create a single-use piece of loot that lets you summon a monster without spending resources (just particles)?

Hi, I also just wanted to post to agree that I think the cost scaling when leveling up your mage is all wonky. Please find some way of actually making it FUN and EASY to be able to summon and experiment with lots of different creatures in your roster, at the moment its just not fun endlessly grinding to be able to summon new creatures. Creatures start at level 1, AND you have to have the particles from them. You shouldn’t also have a huge resource hit to summon one level 1 creature.

Here is what I posted on touch arcade thread:

Hello, just wanted to ask some questions about game balance and especially power. I’m a level 37 chaos mage with 11:30 hours of play time. I pretty much did all the castle quests as they came up and am still finishing off my arcane cave. No nether gems yet. This is on 1.0.11.

The thing is I’ve only been able to summon 7 monsters in total due to never having enough spare power to summon more and it now costs 58,000 power to summon a level 1 monster. I also get my ass handed to me if I go below level 4 of the mysterious realm despite having level 36-43 creatures and giving them all sensible artifacts to boost stats.

Am I missing something here? At this rate it takes about 1 hour of grinding to earn enough power to summon a single level 1 new creature. Thats just not much fun and it encourages you to just keep leveling up your existing pack rather than experimenting with new creatures. Dwarves that swap unwanted gems for power are rare, is there any other way of swapping another resource for power?

Also in general I don’t understand why you ramp up the cost of summoning new creatures so heavily as the mages level goes up. Surely the fun of the game is summoning and experimenting with new creatures and you want to encourage that. Just seems to me at the moment like the balance is all set the other way.

Maybe I was meant to summon a bunch more creatures at lower levels or I missed something but right now at the current power balance I can’t see myself grinding through this to unlock, summon many more creatures unless there is some mega power boosting method I am missing?

This is fixed in 1.0.12, but I’m pretty sure you’re playing the iOS version so the update isn’t out yet for that platform since it has to be approved by Apple first.