Fury Swipes (probably Panic Attack too) applying penalty exponentially

Hey, I ran this buy a bunch of the guys in discord the other day and they all seemed to agree that it qualifies as un-intentional bug in some way based on how the effects are worded currently.

It appears that Fury Swipes “25% normal damage” penalty is being applied to any and all damage that takes place between each hit.

( (AttackDamage * 0.25) * 0.8 ) * 2RandomTargets
combat log
( (AttackDamage * 0.25) * 0.8 ) * 0.25 ) * 2RandomTargets

only 2 targets alive in this example

Fury Attacks (and other such effects) seem to be modifying attack power rather than actual damage output.

As an example - when I hit a normal creature with Fury Attacks, it takes 24 damage per hit.
But when I regularly attack, it takes 600.

Seems… off.