Fusion. I don't know if it's a bug

I fused the unicorn with with a Ossein. To have those 2 traits :“Forbearance” and “Reinvigorate”.
This way when he attack he would resurrect my creatures with push heath.
But I believe that the bonus heath is not working as it should. Instead of having +100% hp he just give me 100% hp.
So if my creature have 200 hp. I expect to resurrect it with 300 hp. But it just resurrect it with 200hp.
Sorry if this is not the place to report that. First time on this forum.

Without other effects increasing the health amount resurrected with, this is the correct interaction.

It works like this: When a creature would be resurrected, it is resurrected with double the HP it would have been. IF that amount is greater than the creature’s maximum health, their max hp is increased to whatever that amount is. Reinvigorate resurrects a creature with 50% HP on its own - Forbearance is increasing that amount to 100% HP instead, which is expected. If, for example, you had other effects that increased the amount of HP a creature is resurrected with (the Phoenix card set for example, though that may be past where you are in the game currently) then you would see an increase in max health. For the most part, almost all percentage health rezzes in the game are 50%, so Forbearance will generally just make it to 100%. It’s more likely to end up increasing max HP if the resurrect is a flat HP amount, like the spells Major Resurrection or Breath of Life, with a high enough potency.

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