FYI: Short comparison between realm and bred eggs


I because of the lastest patch 0.14.0 I wanna share the research from the mages of University of Nex.
It is called “A comparison of eggs between realm-found and domesticated creatures - a critical approach”

Here we have realm and core creatures at lvl 1:

And here we have the same creatures at lvl 20:

As you can see even if it is just a small bonus at higher levels the difference is pretty decent later on.
High Archmage Zack stated that the bonus is the same as from tomes.
Researcher also recommend getting and upgrading Regalis Talisman to enhance the bonus even further.

Kind regards Dirtyhands :wink:

Is the bonus from heredity? because if the eggs stats are higher from heredity, i read that the + and - stats are to be equal, meaning some stats should be up and down, right? why are all stats higher from eggs, is it not heredity?
i’m finding things to be a little more unknown and not understood properly with these heredity/eggs/breeding changes.

Tomes provide a flat bonus to base stats. There are no negative Tomes, just positive Tomes.

The egg stat bonuses are exactly the same as Tomes.

I strongly suspect that Egg bonuses are currently too common. (I also strongly suspect that CJ is currently too generous)

Thank you for the info about tomes, i actually thought they got changed to +/- heredity effects instead on only + effects. i also thought they might of been removed, but i don’t think they have. I REALLY think i’m just getting confused

As Noetherian says. To sum it up.

We have Tomes
- they increase the baste stats

  • they won’t decrease other stats

therefore they empower the creature without weaken them

  • they will also get carried over to a new bred creature
  • on the other hand they are usually rare to find

Then we have Genes back, but with a new function

  • they now change heredity like breeding Primed creatures
  • so they increase one base stat and decrease another
  • they are also the only way to influence heredity of a Nether creature
  • haven’t found any yet but you always get one from prophecies
  • of course like heredity they get also carried over during breeding

And now wild eggs also have a new gimmick:

  • creatures from wild eggs have higher base stats as if they are given tomes
  • with Regalis’ Talisman this bonus is even greater
  • that means they are stronger in every way and this kind of strength can be carried over during breeding
  • for now they do are much more common than tomes as Noetherian says even with CJ at 0%
  • this is also what Noetherian concerns: You may easily breed an overpowered creature as long there is no cap

however tome and wild egg bonus stats can easily be avoided in Tavern Brawls
* For now (0.14.2) I recommend to lock or rename a wild egg creature so that you can distinguish it from others *


If you have a lot of spare eggs could you please breed 4 or 5 together and post the lvl 1 creature her or in another thread and maybe also the same creature at a higher level for comparison, please?
Actually we need evidence how strong the creature can become. Furthermore we all know that tome or wild egg bonus gets carried over but nobody clearly said that it gets carried over multiple times.
What if one tome bonus or one wild eggs bonus overwrites the other?

Thank you in advance

Hey, any way to see the bonus a creature has to their base stats? I am worried about losing boosted creatures in the stable…