Gaining favour (balance)

Meraxis, god of bliss, is incredibly difficult to gain favour with compared to most of the other gods. Has no favourgaining pickups (ie, nothing like the small spider pickups in the poison realm). Been to this realm twice, and still have less than 350 favour.

Tartarith, god of punishment, is also harder than most of the others.

Regalis, godess of poison, is perhaps a bit on the easy side, because of all the available pickups.

Just my take on this so far.

Yeah these realms don’t see balanced in terms of how much favor you can get. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not.

Doesn’t Meraxis have those easter island heads you can offer resources to for 300 favour? Regalis has a bunch of pick-ups, but each gives very little favour compared to other gods (25-50 instead of 75-100). The good thing about Regalis is if you have the strife punishment active the spiderlings can respawn between fights.

I think the spiderling respawn has been patched out.
They weren’t respawning as of 0.0.33

Whoops, Lister is the Easter Island Head guy. Meraxis does have favour pickups, though. The obelisks give something like 50-100 favour each.