Gambling Dwarves as Moneychangers

One of the consistent problems I’ve noticed is that players always have too much of one resource or another (way too much, usually). In that case, the dwarves could offer to give rewards in a different resource than what you ante with - at a disadvantage, of course. Maybe a 3:2 ratio?

Mathematically, you’re always going to lose over the long term against the dwarves, so that’ll cut down nicely on what you can get back out of them, and since they allow you to gamble as much as you want, players can eliminate a lot of overstocked resources in ten seconds.

Also, that’d give people an incentive to use the dwarves, because I’ve never heard anyone care in the least about those things.

I like the flavor that the gambling dwarves add to the game, but I never ever gamble with them.

Doing something like this to provide a reason to use the dwarves would be cool.

The dwarves are useful if you just spent almost all your resources. When it only takes 1 or 2 battles to make up what you’d lose betting it all, it’s actually worth it for the chance to get lots of tokens.

I will here note that “betting it all” for me consists of some 5723k power, and that I am unlikely to make it back in one or two battles, nor that I am likely to enjoy more tokens, given that I already have over six hundred of them, despite using three every floor.

Lol, good stuff xD

That sweet spot really only works when you’re building up, and by the point you have that much, you also probably don’t need Emblems anymore. Still, it’s actually a good way to stock up on Emblems early to mid game, especially if you’ve got resource boosters. If you do it right, each level you finish gets you enough resources to fill up your rituals, then still gamble a few times with 1/6 chance each time to get a bunch of Emblems. I don’t know about you, but averaging about 5 Emblems every level is pretty handy ;).