Gambling dwarves

  • CHANGE: Gambling Dwarf mini-games have all had their payouts fine-tuned. Let me know what you think - it’s tough for one person to get something like this right!

EDIT: i think when you meet gambling dwarves in special events in realms you definitely should be able to play at high stakes, 1-5-10k would be viable choices to try. So it will feel special.

Well Think fast game is a complete ripoff. you need 4 hits to get even, consequitive hits granting you only 25% of your bet. Basically its high risk-low reward game. And it also sorta hardest of them, compare it with hot hands. And longest. All other games are pretty good, especially once you get used to them, this one is just never worth the time.

Regarding bets: Well inability to choose a bet makes those games only played at the beginning of the game when you are super short on certain resouce and still confident that you can win. Idk currently at 200 hours in i think bets of 100/1k/10k choice would be more appropriate. Id certainly play for 10k a few times. So it can be viable midgame. Lategame i dont know, dont think any amount would be justified, unless there will be something else involved. (hope no achievments), maybe some non-resource prize(chance) (rare/but obtainable by other means, or it will MAKE us play), when you do a perfect score.

Anyway all games are fine, think fast needs some adjustment really, getting 100% of your bet for 4 hits, and 225% for 9 hits (i never made 10) makes it just a job to get an achievment and forget about forever :stuck_out_tongue: