Game becoming unresponsive/crashing without error screen

So, the game has been having these weird stutters from time to time; the first action in a queue I do, spells, etc, about 2-4 times in a battle. No biggie, i’m fine with it. However, I have reached an impossible-to-win situation where the game becomes unresponsive and needs to be forced to close, or it closes itself. I’ve had this happen six times on the same realm, and I am currently testing to see if it is any realm, or just the particular one I find myself at.

Currently hoping for advice on what to do, if this becomes a constant thing and scraps my save file or something. Will update if it appears that this is a general thing, and not specific to these realm affixes or this realm.

Could you please PM me your save file with instructions on how to reproduce the issue?

It appears to be my build combined with certain affixes, and rerolling the affixes fixed it. Due to the unlikelyhood of easily reproducing those affixes, and with me being too dumb to consider writing it down, I don’t want to waste your time trying to plug in affixes to replicate it. If it occurs again, I will forward it to you, Sir.

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