Game crash at current quests with rapid key selection and arrow keys

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action number 1
of Key Press Event for W-key Key
for object obj_questlog:
Variable obj_questlog.questsonpage(101139,-2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_obj_questlog_KeyPress_87

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    Open quest menu
    Open and close current quest while trying to press an arrow key shortly after selecting current quests to be shown.
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This crash is present in at least 15 places throughout the castle and menus.
W-key events

Artifact salvager
Current Quests
Deity Points
Construction upgrade interface
Chef cooking
Chef menu
Nether combine (Create nether creature)

These show roughly the same error report as initially reported

The cards menu has a completely separate error though.
Which is attached.

I can provide additional screenshots if needed.

Should have them all fixed now - thanks!

The w-key error message is not happening as frequently.
A few new ones are though.
Here are some screenshots.