Game Crash (Inconsistent)

PC: 0.10.4

Ive just tried starting as Sorcery and Death after Completing 48 as Nature.

Sorcery was fine, but Death can not get past tutorial!
Every time the fight is ended by Torun butting in, the dialog works and then during the transition to “normal Nex” (weeks/days later) the game freezes while fading black (but still barely transparent), after about 5 sec there the game just quits with no error message.

Does not save either, so need to restart tutorial each try.

If this issue is the same for everyone its a big deal for newer players that start with Death!

Just did a test as Chaos, that works as well, so only Death that causes the crash, and every time at that.

Got past the point of the crash at the 5th attempt, im not sure why, the only change was that I now used the 4th slot to save, as I now had the Chaos Mage saved in the 3rd slot.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I’ve been looking into it and I think I’ve found the problem, so I’m going to do some testing and hopefully release a fix soon.