Game crash on alchemy in Itherian Realm

As the topic states, I ran across a crash. I was in an Itherian Realm when using Zonte’s Realm’s alchemy tables. I believe I was mixing yellow and blue. The Sigil effects were no stat gains and no buffs for the player, and 40% chance for enemies to resurrect.
I was playing on game version 1.0.4, and Windows 10 is my operating system.
I had previously gained Mend from a potion on the floor (to no effect in battle, which was intended behavior). I am a Chaos Mage.
Included in attachments is a screenshot of the crash log, because I didn’t think to copy it but did think to screenshot.
If you need any more information, ask me and I’ll try to remember to follow-up.

Sorry for the crash! Thanks for the information, I’ll take a look.